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We Strive to be the Best Company in Drywall Services. For more than 10 years we have maintained our quality in the services we offer to satisfy your needs when carrying out your projects. 
We focus on providing you with an extraordinary experience. Whether that project is in a home or commercial property, what matters most is your complete satisfaction. Everything we do, our whole reputation, is about ensuring a successful project for you.

Drywall installation is the first step to drywall construction. Proper installation is necessary when securing the gypsum board to its framing. Incorrectly installed pannels could move over time, causing cracks in the joints, which cost labor and materials to repair.

There are several plasterboard options you can choose from depending on your project needs. You can request to use 1/4″ to 5/8″ gypsum board, mold-resistant gypsum board in the areas in contact with water pipes, or even sound-insulating pannels.

No matter your drywall needs, we will place the plasterboard anywhere you desire, giving life to your space and turning your dreams into a reality!

We can repair a specific area or do the entire wall. Our professional repairs follow this procedure: installation, tape placement, and texture matching.

Also, if you are dealing with a water leak, we must replace the affected drywall to prevent mold from forming on the walls and expanding over time. We will also reinforce the cracks with fiber tape to prevent their reappearance after the repair.

Patches, cracks, or water damage. No matter your drywall situation, we will have the right solution for you!

After installing the plasterboard, we proceed with applying tape to the joints and always using quality materials to guarantee our works’ durability and excellent appearance.

A little joint compound onto the tape is all it takes to join two plasterboards seamlessly. Afterward, we cover the drywall with one Level 3 coat and two Level 4 coats. We can also skim coat your walls with a Level 5 to guarantee a flat finish, ready for any texture or paint finish, whatever your project needs.

We can use a wide variety of corner beads for your project. We can do regular corner bead, bullnose, or even L corner beads if you are looking for modern finishes on doors and windows.

The most visible part of your project is the texture. You have the options of having sprayed texture, such as orange peel or light-medium-heavy, knockdown, crow’s foot, rolled texture, skim trowel, or even a custom texture. You will always receive high-density material to increase your texture’s durability, no matter what life brings to it.

Over time, your style and taste are bound to change. When it’s time to switch over to a new texture, we will always be ready to provide a solution that suits your current taste.

Whether it’s popcorn or wallpaper removal, we can sand or cover your old texture to apply a completely new one to make your walls look fresh again.

At SOS Drywall, we understand the unique charm and elegance that Venetian plaster adds to any interior. Our team of skilled artisans is well-versed in the ancient techniques of applying Venetian plaster, ensuring a seamless and luxurious finish that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you desire a classic, smooth surface or a textured, rustic appearance, we have the expertise to create the perfect look to complement your individual style.

Whether you call us or someone else to handle your drywall and texture needs, you still need paint on your walls as the final step of your project. We can handle any interior paint project. All you have to do is tell us your vision, style, and color of choice, and we will make it happen in no time.


It is not possible to establish a cost for drywall installation without a diagnosis of the service to be performed and the area to be worked on. The cost varies depending on the area to be installed, the level of drywall to be installed and the location.

There are several levels of drywall finishes, each more refined than the last, for a more professional look at every stage of the surface:

  • Level 0: At this level, the drywall is only attached to the installed structure, either walls or ceiling. This is the first step, and during this process no decoration or finishing is done on the drywall.
  • Level 1: In Level 1 of the drywall installation, the taping process is performed to secure the drywall tape to the installed surface. This process is part of the first steps of gypsum panel installation and does not constitute finishing as such. At the end of level 1 drywall installation, you will still be able to see the marks of the tools used to attach the drywall to the structure.
  • Level 2: When we talk about level 2 drywall, we refer to the process in which a thin layer of joint compound is applied with a spatula or knife over the tape covering the screw holes, trying not to exceed the thickness so as not to waste product. At this level the tool marks are not completely covered, as only a thin layer of joint compound has been applied, so the surface appearance is not perfect.
  • Level 3: What is drywall finishing level 3? At this level, a new coat of joint compound is applied to give a better finish to the surface and the corners, to cover the marks of the tools used at the time of fixing the drywall to the structure. However, at this level the marks are still visible and the surface is not yet polished.
  • Level 4: Level 4 drywall finishing is the process of applying two additional coats of joint compound to make the surface more consistent and smoother. Level 4 drywall finishing is the process of sanding and beautifying the surface, at this level the marks of the tools or materials used in levels 0 and 1 should not be noticeable, giving a higher quality finished appearance and a more professional look to the surface.
  • Level 5: Level 5 drywall finish has been considered the highest quality finish level in drywall installation as this is the level where 5 coats of joint compound are applied, giving a more attractive appearance and a more uniform surface. If you’re wondering, is level 5 drywall worth it? The definitive answer is yes, especially if you want to give a smoother, lighter look.

Drywall are thick sheets of sheathing and backing paper, used in the construction of false walls or false ceiling. They work as finishes in old constructions that require remodeling, without using other construction materials, or as dividing walls in modern spaces.

Drywall repair is indicated to fix specific areas of a building that have been deteriorated by water, mold or other elements, causing damage to the sheets of drywall. At SOS Drywall we are experts in drywall repair, that’s why we guarantee residential repair and commercial repair as a solution in constructions that have been affected in specific areas without having to perform a complete construction.

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The cost to texture drywall ceiling can vary depending on the desired texture, the size of the area, the surface conditions at the time of the application of the texture, among other factors. If you would like to get a quote to determine the cost of ceiling texture application, please contact us. We offer you a real quote and we will accompany you during the process to give you all the guarantees you need to make the best decision.

Drywall installation should be done by drywall experts to ensure proper installation, durability and guaranteed workmanship. When hiring drywall experts you should confirm that they are reliable, have years of experience and are legally certified to perform this work.

Know some of the steps performed by our expert drywall installation contractors:

  1. Clean the area or surface where the drywall installation will take place, the previously installed surface or structure must be free of dirt or any dust that may prevent the drywall sheet from adhering to the structure.
  2. Measure the area where the gypsum board sheets are to be installed to determine the size of each sheet, and make the correct cut of the sheet, avoiding wasting material and reducing costs to the client. In addition, this will allow a more correct and precise finish.
  3. Place the gypsum board sheet on the structure and adjust the corners with screws with the help of a drill, until confirming that the sheets are perfectly adhered to the structure and it is secure.
  4. Check and perfect each edge and corner to avoid excess gypsum board.
  5. Perform the level of finish established by the client. Know the drywall finishing levels made by SOS Drywall.